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Small Business IT Support – What’s Involved?

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Sure, we could handle all of your IT support for you, but there will always be a place for the in-house IT support manager too. So with that in mind, here is a brief run-down of the most important things that your IT support manager – or company – should be doing for you:

  • Know your IT vendors and suppliers inside and out

An IT support manager needs to meet regularly with all of your suppliers, and know at all times exactly what they do for you and how much they are costing you. They should also regularly review whether you are still getting the best deal.

  • Understand the ins and outs of your service contracts

A good support manager will know the end dates of all your contracts, and already have scheduled reviews of the terms before they come up for renewal. A little timely renegotiation can save a fortune!

  • Produce and maintain an IT flowchart

This is a great way to track how all of your IT and hosting systems interact. If done right, it should even show you which parts aren’t working as they should. It is great for spotting inefficiencies and problems waiting to happen as well.

  • Spot and highlight your critical systems and processes

Your support manager should know which of your business systems and processes are critical, and which you can ‘do without’ for a few hours. They should have documented your recovery processes for all of your systems, critical and otherwise as well.

But there are ways to do without that kind of a hero.

Of course, finding someone who can do all that, and do it well, can be expensive. That’s why so many businesses without a fully-staffed IT department look into outsourcing their IT support functions every year.

The benefits are substantial. After all it really does take several people to run an IT department well. If your organisation is a small one, you may only really have the resources to support one or two full-time IT employees. The only way to spend that money efficiently is to partner with an IT support provider like Westprime.

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