September 26, 2015


WestPrime Web Design and Development in Cardiff and Bridgend.

WestPrime IT Solutions has built a reputation as a world class, professional web design and development company by providing the best design and SEO services Bridgend and Cardiff have to offer.
WestPrime is a total web solutions company, and the web design services Bridgend depends upon are a big part of that. We design and develop clean, modern and professional websites for your business with the latest technology in the market. We also create editable websites that you can manage and change on your own when needed. All of our websites are optimized for mobile devices, as most of the website views come from mobile devices these days. Optimized websites always give you better visits. We provide complete website package that includes Logo design, graphic design, domain services, hosting, CMS and SEO services.
w-imgOur range of website development services includes building personal websites, blog sites, small business websites, large scale business websites and forum websites. The way we work is simple. To start with, we take all your input and thoughts on board. Upon analysing your ideas, we come up with 3-4 mock-up designs for you and ask you to select one. Once the mock up design is selected, we code and develop it to a fully functional website. The website will be hosted on a testing domain during the development stage, so you can check the progress of your site anytime.
Once the site is developed, it will be sent for testing. Once the testing is done, it is sent for client approval. We respect our clients’ suggestions and feedback and will include all your ideas into it. Once it is signed off, the live site will be moved to your desired domain and hosted on a secured server.

The Website Design and Development Services Bridgend Depends On.

The business environment in Wales is no different from anywhere else in the UK – you need a website that appeals to your customers, speaks well of your brand, and acts as an advocate and salesman 24 hours a day. To get that, you need a web design and development company like WestPrime. One that understands that your website needs to work for you, and to take some of the burden of running your business off your shoulders, not act as a constant drain on your limited time and resources.

Hosting Services You Can Rely On, But Won’t Cost You The World

As a one-stop web solutions company, WestPrime can do a lot more than just build you the perfect site. We can offer you a reliable, high speed and maintenance-free hosting package that will make your job that little bit easier. After all, knowing that your site is hosted by one of Bridgend and Cardiff’s premier IT companies means you have one less thing to worry about. If anything ever does go wrong, we’ll have your site restored from its most recent backup and running again, probably before you even notice.

The SEO Services Bridgend and Cardiff Businesses Demand

The SEO services Bridgend and Cardiff demand may not be fundamentally different than any other region, but they are unique. Google (and other search engines) are quite sophisticated these days, and if you give them exactly what they need to identify your location and market, they can be an amazing tool for targeting local customers. After all, a 24 hour locksmith in Cardiff doesn’t care about being on the first page of Google to a searcher in Dubai, but when someone local types in ‘unlock my car’ he wants to know about it. That’s where WestPrime comes in.

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