Office 365’s Email Will Revolutionise Your Business

What Office 365’s email service could mean for you

Office 365 is a totally new take on office software, letting you move more of your day to day operations to the cloud, and often at a lower price than the old way. Along with this shift to the cloud comes an advantage that many businesses overlook, though: constant syncing of your emails, calendars, contact information and shared documents.

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Office 365’s enhanced business email features.

  • An ad-free inbox and the ability to get stuck in from anywhere, at any time

IT Support Servces Bridgend Cardiff Office 365 Cloud Email ComputingOffice 365 does all the ‘heavy lifting’ of managing your various email accounts automatically, letting you spend more time communicating and less on managing your email.

Not only can you link all of your accounts together in one place, you get highly effective add-blocking, unified and highly automated admin, and the ability to simply sit down and start working anywhere in the world with a data connection, any time of the day or night.

  • Automatic management and admin

Office 365’s personalised admin centre is yours to command at any time, making it a matter of just a few clicks to set up new email accounts, delete, restrict or restore accounts, create your own unique automated scripts, or neatly any other admin task you can imagine.

Forget Siri or Alexa – the admin centre is your ‘real’ virtual secretary.

Cloud Security and Protection

  • Vastly improved security.

Most successful virus attacks on UK businesses come in through email, even today. Using Office 365’s email service, you get absolutely state of the art virus scanning, spam filtering and overall malware protection from perhaps the biggest name in the industry.

Who better to guard your vulnerable email than Microsoft themselves?

  • The Outlook Mobile App

Better still, you can access every one of these advanced features (and more besides) from your phone or any internet capable device.

On iPhone, Android, or whatever platform you prefer, you can have all of your email resources at your fingertips just as easily when stuck on the train or over lunch as you do sat in the office.

Cloud backup – Don’t Lose Your Business Data

One of the areas SMEs in the UK still tend to struggle is data protection, and reliable backup systems are one of the most troublesome areas. Recent studies suggest that as many as 60% of small businesses rely on direct-attached storage (external hard drives, essentially) for backing up their data.

Considering that that type of backup is a tedious manual process which can easily be skipped or forgotten about, not is not surprising that nearly half of the businesses surveyed reported losing some data, and fully 14% admitted to losing important business data permanently.

Cloud backup solutions can make these risks and burdens a thing of the past. Here are just a few of the best reasons to look into cloud backup for your business:

  • It really is quite affordable.

Adopting a cloud backup solution has 0 capital cost, and costs only a few hundred pounds per year.

  • Ease of access

Of course, you can access your cloud stored data to restore local data, but you can also access it for any purpose, securely, with any internet-capable device.

  • Off-site, disaster-proof backup

If the worst happens – fire, flood or some other disaster, your on-sire backups could be lost along with your primary data storage. Using a remote back-up protects you better.

  • Simple and easy

These solutions specialise in making life easy for you, and you can alter, restore or access your data with just a few clicks.

  • Automatic and reliable

Those companies that fail to backup usually say they don’t have the time. A cloud-based backup solution works automatically, and without you having to lift a finger.

All things considered, cloud-based data protection and backup solutions were custom made for small businesses and other lean operations. They make it easy and inexpensive to achieve the gold standard of data protection and security. The real question seems to be whether you can afford not to use it.

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