Multi-vendor IT Support – What’s Involved?

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Multi-vendor IT Support – What Could Go Wrong? To make a long story short: almost everything and the solution is to choose one IT company for all of your data protection, data storage, fixing broken PC’s, computers, laptops to complex software installation and maintenance – even IT Equipment Leasing.

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Imagine this scenario – it won’t be difficult for many of our readers. You run a large organisation, and you have recently performed a complete overhaul of your IT and network systems. Cloud data, virtualisation, analytics, the whole lot. Let’s say you organised 10 different vendors to achieve that. Not so very unrealistic so far.

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Hacking Protection and Secure Data Storage – South Wales

Now, imagine something goes wrong. Suddenly, nothing seems to be working. Is it your data connection? Is it your remote data hosting? Have you actually been hacked? Which vendor is responsible for fixing it? If you call the remote hosting company, they assure you it can’t be them. It looks like your analytics setup is funny. But when you contact the analytics people (which takes an hour and a half) they assure you everything was fine on their end. Now it is nearly lunch time, and the computers have been down all morning…

Computer Backups, Cloud Storage and System Recovery

Will your systems be back up today? Tomorrow? Do you keep the staff at their desks? Their phones seem to be able to connect to Facebook. Can you afford to pay them for another wasted day? Can you afford another wasted day at all?

This is admittedly a worst-case scenario, but it is one that all too many medium and large companies across the UK (and the world) have been through.

One Stop IT Support Services with West Prime

The simple fact is that multi-vendor IT support is a nightmare. We provide one-stop IT support and telephone advice. I have to say that… but it’s true. And the whole industry knows it.

Look at it this way – a lot of high-end vendors are offering all-in-one support models for a few all-singing all-dancing data solutions. They understand the crippling difficulty of having to manage a dozen vendor support systems and still get your normal work done. However, where does that leave the smaller organisation, or the ones that can’t uproot all their systems and processes to fit into an all-in-one solution?

That’s where we come in. Westprime can create an all-in-one support package just for you, at any scale of business. Of course we can host your website and data, but you’ll need other vendors. We’ll still handle all of your IT support.

From your point of view, it’s the best of both worlds. Your familiar systems and processes, but one point of contact for all of your IT, data and hasting needs. Who says the big guys get all the breaks?

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