August 30, 2016

IT Equipment Leasing

WestPrime IT Equipment Leasing Service

One of the largest challenges many SMEs and sole traders face is the expense of kitting out their organisation with new or upgraded IT infrastructure. No business can grow and thrive without access to the latest technology, yet there is one field in which many seem to lag behind – the latest IT equipment. This is particularly surprising, as modern IT is an absolute requirement for the success of almost any business!

IT Equipment Leasing Could Be Your Perfect Solution

Traditionally, businesses owned their IT equipment outright. Whilst simpler from a financial standpoint, this is not without its problems today. The first is that it can be terribly expensive, and the expense tends to come all at once. Let’s say you have 50 employees. You probably have between 50 and 100 PCs and laptops in the organization. If your software solution requires all of them to upgrade to Windows 10 (for example) and you have to replace almost all of them do run it, that can easily run to the tens of thousands of pounds. No one wants a surprise like that!

IT equipment leasing is the ideal solution because you pay monthly, and you never get unexpected upgrade costs. As you don’t own the equipment, you aren’t even responsible for maintaining it!

Every business is different, of course. WestPrime can help you determine exactly what IT equipment leasing and finance options are the best for you and your business. If you are interested in obtaining the IT equipment your business needs to grow and thrive, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. Whether you are based in Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend or nearly anywhere else, call us today for your tailor made IT Leasing Package.

Cardiff IT Equipment Leasing Made Easy

No matter where you are in Bridgend or Cardiff, IT equipment leasing is has just become a lot easier with WestPrime. We have a dedicated Cardiff IT equipment leasing partner who can help you spread the cost of these vitally needed upgrades and installations across their expected service life. This ensures you have all the correct systems to enable you to carry out your day to day business, without paying for the investment all at once.

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Do you need IT equipment leasing Cardiff or Bridgend? Give us a call now on 01656 808002. Better yet, if you would like to take out a full support, equipment and maintenance package you could save ££££’s per year with WestPrime. In a hurry? Contact us online and we’ll get in touch.