September 26, 2015


When It Comes to Cloud Based Solutions, Bridgend Calls WestPrime First.

We already provide cloud based solutions for small businesses throughout the area, and is quickly becoming the provider of cloud database services Cardiff calls first. These services could include anything from hosting your company email solution or your database services, migrate your existing systems into the cloud, or any other database and cloud computing solutions you may need.

Cloud computing has finally come to the masses – it is fast, scalable and totally secure. All you need are the right cloud computing service providers. For many years we have talked about the effectiveness of moving expensive in-house systems to a unified solution based in the Cloud. Cloud offers many benefits including:

  • No huge outlay for expenses servers – we already have that covered.
  • No backup nightmare – your database for cloud computing is backed up daily.
  • No huge electric bills or any need for backup server power – we take care of that efficiently and pass the savings on to you.

If you have a server sat in the corner of office gathering dust and waiting to fail, call us now and we can give you a quote to migrate you to the safest database in cloud computing.

The Role of The Database in Cloud Computing.

Today’s businesses rely on data as much as they do on people. Just like people, bad data is often worse than no data at all. The worst, though, is when your business actually has the vital, accurate data that your people need to act upon, but it can’t get to where it needs to be for technical, security or infrastructure reasons!

Your database might be the envy of the industry, but if your people can’t make use of it in the field, on the road or when inspiration strikes at 3am, it isn’t doing you half the good it could be. This is where WestPrime comes in. We can provide the cloud database services you need to get your data into the hands of those who need it, and out of the hands of anyone unauthorised!

Not All Cloud Computing Service Providers Are Created Equal.

Some cloud services providers will offer you the world, but after weeks or months of development will hand you a poorly implemented database and cloud computing solution that would never have suited the way you do business in the first place. Sometimes that is due to lack of experience. Sometimes it is because they just aren’t that good. Other times it has to do with an inability to understand your business and how it operates.

WestPrime creates the bespoke cloud based solutions Bridgend needs from right here in Bridgend. We work with you to understand how your business operates and what you actually need the cloud to do for you. We understand the local business community because we are a part of that local community. We know how to give you what you actually need.

Cloud Based Solutions for Small Businesses.

Just because you are a small business doesn’t mean you have to do business ‘in a small way’. We understand that, and specialise in creating cloud based solutions for small businesses that give them a real advantage. Solutions that let them leverage both their real world experience and detailed customer understanding to really start punching above their weight.

Think of it this way – if you can do anything ‘the big guys’ can do, and get your people anywhere in the UK or the world with the full business intelligence resources of your organisation literally in their back pocket, how long will it be before you are one of the big guys?


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