Cloud Computing – 10 Good Reasons to Move to the Cloud Today

Email in the Cloud with Office365

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IT Support Servces Bridgend Cardiff Office 365 Cloud Email ComputingWhat does ‘moving to the cloud’ even mean?
Basically, it means using an external server to run your applications, store your data, allow easier communication between your people, or all at once. Instead of maintaining your own server (and keeping people on to update, maintain and secure it), you outsource the whole thing.

Why would I want to do that?
There are a lot of reasons UK businesses are turning to the cloud in ever higher numbers, including:
Flexibility and scalability
Going to the cloud makes it easy to expand (or even reduce) your capacity. After all, you don’t need to buy or maintain any infrastructure.


Data recovery
Not only is your data stored off-site (making disaster recovery easy), a good provider will back it up constantly.

Automatic software updates
Your provider will keep you constantly on the cutting edge, providing more ease of use, new features and extra security with every update.

Lower (or even non-existent) capital expenditure
Most providers use a subscription model for payment – that means no up-front costs for you and no hassles about technology upgrades.

Easy collaboration
Anyone you give access can share and edit documents or use the latest collaboration apps from any internet-capable device.

Work from home, or on the road
All of your people can work from anywhere with an internet connection (or mobile data service). Telecommuting, and more besides.

Better control of your documents
No more emailing documents as attachments, and employees using ‘the old forms’. When everyone can access the latest cloud-based documents, control is easy.

Professional-grade security
When your data is secured (and encrypted) on the cloud, it isn’t compromised when a laptop is stolen or an email account is hacked. This is huge.

Environmentally friendly
Moving your data to the cloud reduces your company’s environmental footprint substantially – and could even lower your power bills.

An extra competitive edge
All of this adds up to the real benefit of moving to the cloud, a better bottom line.