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Prevent cybercrime attacking your business

Taken from the Companies House Blog We recently met with Cyber Crime Protect officers from South Wales Police to understand how Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs) work with businesses to promote the reduction of cybercrime. TARIAN is the ROCU for South Wales, and it was interesting to hear how they, and their counterparts around the Read more about Prevent cybercrime attacking your business[…]

How To Stop Cold Callers on Your Mobile Phone

We’ve all been there – an unrecognised number flashes up on your phone and it’s just an automated voice. This is known as cold calling and it’s when you receive an uninvited call that attempts to sell you something. A company called Keurboom did just that and received a record fine of £400,000 for making Read more about How To Stop Cold Callers on Your Mobile Phone[…]