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Professional, highly effective and mobile-friendly website design and development, hosting and SEO services that allow your business to thrive.

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Westprime provides the cloud database solutions Cardiff and Bridgend need, at a price they can easily afford.

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Keep your business’s vital systems running with the IT support company Cardiff and Bridgend rely on most.

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About Us

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Call 01656 808002 for free expert advice. We are proud of our reputation and are here to help you with any of your IT support needs, website building and Google SEO.

WestPrime was founded in 2012, based on a desire on the part of its top people to take the experience and skill they had gained over the decades working in London’s cutting edge IT industry, and apply it in the Bridgend region of Wales. We have a great deal of experience dealing with virtually every major supplier in the IT arena, and have spent the last 7 years building strong relationships with hardware providers, software developers, web designers and telephony companies. The result is the company we are today – one that stands ready to design, build, install and/or support IT solutions that you and your business can depend on.

WestPrime has brought together many different suppliers and experts, each with the ability to provide your business with the exact solution it requires. That holds true whether you need help with desktop, server, telephony or even cloud products or solutions. We see it as our job to remove the jargon and provide you with a clear understanding of what is needed to push your company beyond your competitors. In today’s markets, businesses who are making the most of their IT systems are moving ahead of the competition – call today and ensure your company has the competitive edge over your peers in the market place.

So why come to Bridgend? Bridgend is founder David Whyte’s home town. Revisiting the area after a long stint in London’s IT industry, he knew there was a distinct lack of complex planning and managerial experience here, but no lack of demand for people who could achieve truly professional results. Seeing an opportunity to come home again and create a business that could be a cornerstone of growth and development in the local business sector, he jumped at the chance.


Website design, development and hosting

We design and build unique, professional quality websites for businesses, organisations and even individuals in the Bridgend and Cardiff area. If you aren’t sure if your website has what it takes to promote you and your services in the modern mobile-commerce economy, come see us, and we’ll make sure you have everything you need. We can even look after the site for you, taking another worry off your shoulders.

Cloud and database solutions

We have literally decades of experience helping businesses of all sizes get the most from their business intelligence processes and database solutions. When ‘the cloud’ came along, our people were among the first to make safe, secure and accessible data hosting technology into practical, easy to use business solutions. We can do the same for you.

IT support solutions for businesses of all sizes

Last (but certainly not least), we can act as a complete, entirely local outsourced IT department for you. We can act as on-call IT support for a one-person business (letting you get back to making your business work) or look after literally all the computer, communications and data needs of huge international companies without any of the infrastructure expense or HR headaches.

  • We provide the web design services Bridgend needs.

    No matter what your industry or market niche, you require a sophisticated, customer-focused website design and development service that not only brings in business but informs your market about your brand. Your site needs to be professional, visually attractive, SEO friendly and provide your customers with the level of interaction they need, whether they are viewing it from a traditional PC or (as is becoming ever more common) from a smart phone or mobile device.

  • When it came to cloud database services, Cardiff was out in the cold – until WestPrime.

    Cloud-based IT solutions have really come into their own lately. Remotely hosted data is one of the few technologies that has managed to deliver on all of its promises and has become the fast, secure yet flexible and widely accessible powerhouse that so many businesses rely upon today. With Westprime’s help You too can tap into this power, and give your people secure access to virtually any kind of data or interactivity anywhere – between offices or halfway around the world.

  • WestPrime is the most respected IT support company in the Cardiff and Bridgend area.

    The fact is that even small businesses today need the equivalent of a full IT department, and more and more are turning to remote IT support solutions to provide that service. Remote IT support lets you tap into years of experience and business-oriented IT expertise without the expense (or space requirements) of maintaining your own fully-manned IT department. It also gives you access to a level of skill that few small IT departments could match.

  • Helping You Stay Ahead Of The Competition.

    They say the only thing more expansive than staying on the cutting edge of IT technology is the loss of business associated with falling behind. This is why IT equipment leasing is such a popular option for small and medium-sized businesses these days. It allows you access to the high-spec devices you need to run your business efficiently and profitably, and keeps you current with technological advances as soon as you need them, yet makes the whole simple and affordable.

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