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Facebooks New Privacy Feature

Facebook announces way to ‘Clear History’ of apps and sites you’ve clicked Frederic Lardinois@fredericl / May 2018 Today is a big day for Facebook . The company is hosting its F8 developer conference in San Jose today and just before the event is scheduled to start, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg dropped a bit of news: Read more about Facebooks New Privacy Feature[…]

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Ethical Hacking – West Prime IT Checkup

Ethical Hacking: The Oxymoron That Could Save Your Business We have wanted to write about this touchy subject for a while now – Ethical Hacking and why companies should be getting their networks checked by Westprime. Penetration Testing ‘Penetration testing’ has been a reality in the corporate world for longer than many realise (who else Read more about Ethical Hacking – West Prime IT Checkup[…]

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Prevent cybercrime attacking your business

Taken from the Companies House Blog We recently met with Cyber Crime Protect officers from South Wales Police to understand how Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs) work with businesses to promote the reduction of cybercrime. TARIAN is the ROCU for South Wales, and it was interesting to hear how they, and their counterparts around the Read more about Prevent cybercrime attacking your business[…]

How To Stop Cold Callers on Your Mobile Phone

We’ve all been there – an unrecognised number flashes up on your phone and it’s just an automated voice. This is known as cold calling and it’s when you receive an uninvited call that attempts to sell you something. A company called Keurboom did just that and received a record fine of £400,000 for making Read more about How To Stop Cold Callers on Your Mobile Phone[…]

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Ten trends that will change business cyber security protection in 2018

IoT and smart devices will be easy targets for cyber attackers this year. Are you worried about your internet security? Call 01656 808002 for free expert advice today. 2017 once again proved that the cyber threat landscape is complex and constantly changing, dictating the need for comprehensive and responsive defences that step up to the Read more about Ten trends that will change business cyber security protection in 2018[…]

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2017 Tech News Round Up

As we enter 2018, let’s remember the top tech stories of 2017 From the future of bitcoin to Facebook, 2018 in technology Social networks and politics, the still unfulfilled promise of augmented reality, pay-to-play games: what might change in the year ahead A bitcoin ATM in Hong Kong. The currency rose more than 20-fold in Read more about 2017 Tech News Round Up[…]

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IT Support Tips – Use A Secure Password

Equifax reportedly used ‘admin’ as password in Argentina September 2017 Not only did the firm suffer one of the largest data breaches in history — 143 million people’s names, social security numbers, home addresses and more hacked, experts keep managing to poke holes in the company’s security. The latest comes from Argentina, where Equifax reportedly Read more about IT Support Tips – Use A Secure Password[…]

Free Windows 10

Free Windows 10 Upgrade

Free Windows 10 Upgrade Windows 7/8 users can still upgrade a year after Microsoft’s freebie offer expired Techradar reports 14th August 2017 Officially, the free upgrade to Windows 10 for Windows 7/8 users expired at the close of last July, but it seems that, a year later, there are still two routes by which you Read more about Free Windows 10 Upgrade[…]

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New Website Design and Google SEO

Google Friendly Mobile Responsive Websites by West Prime Your website is the centre of your digital marketing world — the place that all digital rivers run toward. And of course, the largest of its traffic sources is generally organic search. Test your current website for Mobile Responsiveness with this handy Google Mobile tool. Yet all too Read more about New Website Design and Google SEO[…]

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Petya 2.0 Ransomware Fix and Malware Removal

Virus, Malware and Ransomware Removal Cardiff What is Ransomeware? Ransomeware is a particularly nasty type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a money is paid. Any ransomware is a critical threat to home and business computer users. The Bad News About Petya and all Ransomware To date, there is Read more about Petya 2.0 Ransomware Fix and Malware Removal[…]